Conference Reports

SUMM 2024 – Allison

Les séminaires universitaires en mathématiques à Montréal 2024. UQAM, Montreal.

Conference name: SUMM 2024, “Les séminaires universitaires en mathématiques à Montréal” / “The Seminars on Undergraduate Mathematics in Montreal”

Date: January 5-7, 2024

Location: UQÀM, Montreal


Funding: didn’t get any, but the entire conference only cost $25!

How did you hear about it? Someone advertised it in one of my math classes, and I saw posters around McGill.

What was your experience? The conference lasted three days, from Friday evening to Sunday midday. There were four hour-long keynote talks, given by professors from each of Montreal’s four universities. The rest of the talks were 30 minutes long and given by students, both undergrads and grad students! There were usually several talks in each block of time, so you could choose which one to attend. The topics varied a lot, from the math of music to geometric analysis. There were also lots of breaks for lunch and snacks, and a dinner on Saturday evening! This was my first ever conference and I had a great time. I of course got lost in some of the talks, but mostly followed along, and definitely learned a lot. It was also awesome to meet lots of other math students!

Do you have any advice for people interested in attending this conference? Definitely attend! It’s a great conference and I got a lot out of it. Also, if you have any topics you’re interested in, you can sign up to be a presenter!


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