Conference Reports

CUMC 2023 – Sara

Canadian Undergraduate Mathematics Conference 2023. University of Toronto, Ontario.

Conference name: CUMC 2023 “Canadian Undergraduate Mathematics Conference”

Date: June 19-23 2023

Location: University of Toronto, Ontario


Funding: did not get any for me, but some universities like Waterloo funded their students to attend! But the price itself wasn’t all that bad, like 125$ if I recall correctly (I’m unable to retrieve the exact information)

How did you hear about it? Email from the department back when I was actually paying attention to emails!

What was your experience? I got to meet so many cool people and new topics in math that I hadn’t heard of before! The event was greatly focused on getting students to present and share any topic of interest they have in math, and anyone could choose to present if they wanted to! There were a lot of fun social events like a mixer at The Madison Avenue, a movie night, and a dance party at the Moonlight Lounge. There were also very interesting workshops like the MATLAB workshop where I got to learn how to use that software, and the contest mathematics workshop where I got to learn about some creative tricks that are commonly used for competition math questions! There was also a talk about industry jobs relating to math, and I thought that was quite a breath of fresh air since doing math just implies research a lot of the time! And of course there were super cool keynote lectures from professors from various universities. All in all, I had an awesome time at the event, and I got a lot out of it! I unfortunately was too scared to give a presentation myself, but I’m thinking of maybe doing one next year!

Do you have any advice for people interested in attending this conference? It’s worth it! And don’t forget to socialize if you actually want to make the most out of it!!!! I felt like everyone there was so welcoming and kind, and had such interesting perspectives!


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