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Aperçu du calendrier

Événements à venir

Back to School Event

It’s the beginning of another beautiful semester on the McGill Campus! 🌳 I don’t know about you, but I’m itching for something… 🤔 Maybe it’s meeting new people? Maybe it’s seeing my friends again? Or maybe… it’s SAMOSAS!!!!!! 🎉

We have all of the above, and more at our Welcome Back event on Friday, 15th September, 3:00PM! Come mingle with your department with some delicious portable potato-filled dough balls, and refreshing iced tea. We’ll be around all afternoon, but come on time to guarantee your samosa, and stick around to meet some new pals!

We’ll be chilling at the picnic tables outside of Burnside, see you there!

Facebook Event Link

Latex Workshop

Ever seen your professors’ perfectly typewritten notes and assignment problems and thought “Gee whiz, I’d sure like to make my math look real pretty?” Well come join us on Monday, September 18th, 4:30PM–5:30PM at the McLennan Library, M3-37A and we’ll teach you the basics of producing beautiful documents in LaTeX. It’s a nice way to get some extra leniency from graders 😉 and from my own experience, it’s surprisingly easy to pick up after just 1 hour of guided instruction.

It’s also a BYOH (Bring Your Own Homework) event, so feel free to bring homework that you wish to typeset and we’ll have many friendly helpers to answer any questions you have. No prior knowledge required!

Facebook Event Link

First-Year Info Panel

Hey you! Yeah you. Do you have any questions about the experience of studying Math at McGill? Interested in how mathematics will play into your future career? Or confused by the deluge of possible courses and need some advice?

Look no further, we’ll be hosting a First Year Info Panel on Thursday, September 21st from 5:30PM–6:30PM, at the SSMU University Centre, Room 202! We’ll have a panel of returning McGill students talking about their experience at McGill so far, and how they incorporated math into their degree. There will be a Q&A segment at the end, and we’ll cap it off with pizza!

By the way, you don’t have to be a first year student to attend, feel free to come and listen to our advice regardless.

Facebook event Link.

McGill Math Peer Mentorship Program

Are you a new student looking for some guidance in navigating the wide world of McGill? Or are you a McGill veteran looking to impart your hard-earned knowledge to the new generation?

Diversity in Math is organising a peer mentorship program for students, where we’ll be connecting new students with upper years to help build stronger connections within the department and pass down all those nuggets of knowledge gathered over time.

If you’re interested in becoming a mentee or a mentor, check out the links below for more details and to sign up to be paired! Applications close on Sunday, September 24th! As always, if you have any questions, feel free to DM us.

Mentor Application: https://tinyurl.com/DiM2023Mentor
Mentee Application: https://tinyurl.com/DiM2023Mentee

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Math Poetry Night

Roses are red, violets are blue, I love math poetry, what about you? Whether it’s blackout poetry of a textbook, a sonnet about the pain of your analysis homework, or using combinatorics to write 100+ poems super fast, come get creative with us on Thursday September 28 from 4:30-5:30pm in McLennan M3-17B. There will be an online option available as well! If you need some inspiration for the boundless possibilities: https://www.ams.org/programs/students/math-poetry

Zoom Link: https://mcgill.zoom.us/j/88134332879…

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Looking for a way to release some stress? Express yourself in cool and creative ways? Come get whimsical and join us to make math-related art on Wednesday October 4th, 12-1pm in McLennan M3-17A! Get the opportunity to draw fractals, fold origami, create inventive tilings of the plane (and more!) and show us your best work!

Materials will be provided, so just show up and turn your midterms stress into your next great masterpiece!

Facebook Event Link

Événements réguliers

Weekly Study Night

WEEKLY STUDY NIGHTS are BACK!!! 🥳 Come meet some friends, eat some snacks, and get your studying in, all at the same time!

Our first week’s theme is McGill/Math merch! Join us on Tuesday, September 12th 2023, from 4PM–6PM!

We will be in-person at the SSMU University Centre (3600 Rue McTavish) on the 2nd floor in Room 202, and we’ll be providing snacks! If you have any snack suggestions, feel free to message us and we will attempt to procure them. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Facebook Event Link

Événements passés

Fall 2022 – Winter 2023

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Imposter Syndrome Workshop – Facebook Event Link
Women and Nonbinary Math Tea Talk (Oct 21, 2022) – Facebook Event Link
Movie Night, Hidden Figures – Facebook Event Link
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Women and Nonbinary Math Tea Talk (Sept 22, 2022)- Facebook Event Link

Fall 2021 – Winter 2022

Movie Night: The Man Who Knew Infinity – Facebook Event Link
Art Night – Facebook Event Link
Microaggressions Workshop – Facebook Event Link
Pi Day! – Facebook Event Link
Mental Health Workshop – Facebook Event Link
Desmos Drawing Night – Facebook Event Link
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DiM Research Panel (2021) –
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